Thursday, September 1, 2011

End of Summer Blues!!

Here are a lot of pictures that I took over the month of August. I still have not replaced my camera since it was stolen. I hope to soon have one better than the last one that I had. I miss my good camera so much. So with that said, these pictures aren't the best in the world as far as quality but they are the best because they are of some very sweet little children.

I hate to see summer go, BUT I do love the fall. It is my favorite season of them all. I enjoy talking with the kids about the leaves falling all around and big fat orange pumpkins. The coolness in the air and the lighting makes me one happy camper! I do have more pictures to post from the month of August and will get those up as soon as I can. We have had a great summer. Pool time was a hit and of course digging in the dirt is one of their favorite things to do. Please accept my apologies for the dirty finger nails and dirty clothes but how could I tell them NO to something that they love to do so much and it doesn't harm them whatsoever. :o)

Mason smiling like always
Gannon and Parker with dirty faces
Gannon Parker Baker Kara.....Friends Forever
Dirty faces
Gotta love it
Wagon ride after pool time
Drying off a bit
Mason on his birthday. He loves pool time too!
Wagon rides are always fun
Claire loves the pool
Splish splash

Baker Man swinging
I wonder if Baker was trying to talk someone out of giving up a swing???

Sweet Mason
Emily LOVES to swing
Daniel stroll is super hero
All smiles from Mason
Everybody say CHEESE!

Gannon making another hole in Mrs. Lisa's yard:o)
"Baker, we don't play with sticks. We could poke someones eye out."
Madi has been a fantastic helper this summer

Mason is standing
Ummmm....not sure why Gannon wanted to tie Baker up in the tree
Silly faces!!!


Claire Bear.....Adorable

One day soon we will have more big wheels so everyone can ride at one time:o) They LOVE these!

Mason wanna cracker??? Mason LOVES crackers!

How cute is this????

Upside down Vinny

What kind of face is this?
We made fishy scenes. Turned out so cute!

Chillin with the super hero guys.

He's flying!

I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures. I did not put captions under each one because I wanted to go ahead and post them. But as you can see, everyone is all smiles and we have so much fun.

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