Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bear Path Acres

On Friday, the only daycare children I had were Hilary, Trevor and CJ. So I decided to take them on a little trip. They had a good time seeing the animals.

What took so long??

Okay, well I just stay busy busy. I just can't ever seem to catch up with everything, so I'm just getting to posting these pictures. Since I've posted last, a few things have changed around daycare. Logan went to S.A. and Mikala went back home to Maine. I miss them dearly and think of them everyday. That was the bad news, but the good news is...I still have my CJ, Baker, Kyra and Gannon. Although some are only part-time, I still get to see them. More good news is that Kara and Gage have started daycare with us on a part-time basis. Their first day was on Monday, August 24th. They came right in like they have always been here. I really enjoyed having them and I think they were pretty happy too! Enjoy the photos...some older ones on this post since its been so long:o)
Kara going down...down....down
What kind of face is this?
Baker wants to pedal this big wheel SO BAD!
CJ trying to pump those legs

Kara and Gage love the outdoors! So do I!

Why did I let Gage have his binky for so long? What was I thinking? He did fine without it

Wonder what they were building?

Justa swangin'

Kara didn't want to wake up from her nap. Everyone was up, had put mats away, and by this time playing and Kara was still asleep. Gage was trying to assist her in waking up.
Craft time...they love to paint. If I ever give them an option...coloring or painting...well you know what we end up doing:o)

This plate became a dino
Gage Cruzin!
CJ plays well with everyone
Baker and Gage getting aquainted
Kara doing what all of the bigger kids like to do...playing Polly Pockets
Baker loves pizza day...this is the mess he makes:o)
We painted T-shirts. They turned out really cute. I let them pick their own design and then I made a stencil.
Baker and the "big shoes"
Logan and her "bubba" on her last day:(

Miss this little girl

Logan pushed CJ on the swing...what a good helper

I think Gannon wanted the shopping cart...he chased Logan around.
Craft time

We painted rocks...they LOVED this!
A going away party for Logan and Mikala

Logans last day:(