Friday, September 9, 2011

End of Summer Blues cont.

Here are the last of the Summer pictures. This wraps up August. Sorry it took so long to get them up. I'm happy to say that we have a new friend that has joined us and his name is Will. Kara is off to school now:( Enjoy that last few pics of the summer.
Mason hanging out in the pool:o) He's a happy camper in there!
Baker playing in the dirt. I don't think there's anything else he'd rather do!

More dirt playing

Having a little snack. (with a little runny nose)

Going to miss Kara terribly!

Oops! Someone forgot their shoes:o)
HERE'S WILL!! What a cutie he is. AND just as sweet as he is cute!
Vinny riding
Sweet Will
Claire has learned to climb up

These two love the wagon. If you ask "do you want to get out, or keep riding." They reply "KEEP RIDING"

I recall Claire singing in this hose

Snacking it up

Brother and sister

Haha....I think this car is a little small

Please excuse the mess behind Will. Thanks to Hurricane Irene....we have a large pile that needs to go to the DUMP!

Sweet face!


The group:o) Love them!

Will had no problem taking a nap on his first day!

I think Will wanted what Claire had. They are really trying to play TOGETHER:o)

Snack time. Juice and a rice krispy treat. YUMMY

More dirt playing
Wagon rides are soooo much fun!

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