Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer days!

I want to go ahead and apologize for these pictures being uploaded in the wrong order. I realized it after I did it and I'm being lazy and not re-doing it. The first set is of Kara, Gage, Baker and Madi in the sprinkler that Kara and Gage's grandma brought. Baker was certainly not too fond of it but Kara and Gage loved it. It was a nice hot day perfect for playing in the water. The others are just of the kids playing outside and then a couple of our 4th of July crafts. I'm going to really try hard and not get behind on my blog posts. Enjoy these cutie pics!

Getting dried off

Playing with the balls in the sprinkler
Can I just say that Kara and Gage LOVED the sprinkler!!

Baker really not liking his face wet:o)
Madi helped Baker. He wouldn't let go of her.

Baker thinking about it....but not really wanting to get in

Kyra vacuuming the yard:o)
Emma got to swim for a while.
Claire Bear
Daniel wanted the robot to play hopscotch
Kyra playing hopscotch
Emma drawing the hopscotch board
Playing with the robots. These two boys love to play with these when we go outside.

Sidewalk chalk

Kyra eating marshmallows....yum yum

Handprint and footpring 4th of July flags that we made. This was actually a lot of work. I didn't even get pics of the kids actually making them:(
Baker and Gannon made handprint 4th of July flags. They loved them.

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