Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How long has it been?

I bet noone thought that I'd catch this up....right? Well I have. I'm very impressed with myself. I apologize for taking so long. I've been soo busy lately but hope to be slowing down soon. Softball is over for Madi until fall and this should free up some time on the weekends to catch up! We are still having a good time here at daycare. We've gained a few and lost a few. Forrest is gone now. He will be attending IOW academy in the fall. Daniel is taking some time off to spend with his mom and sisters this summer since she's a teacher Mom. We've gained baby Claire and Derrek and O' how we love them so! Enjoy this massive amount of pics. I hope I haven't overwhelmed you!
Kyra filled up the entire piece of string!
Sweet Claire
Oops...what happened to Baker's beads?
Kara working on hers

Baker with Jacob's hat and shades
The kids LOVE outside time.....we usually try to go out twice a day if its not too hot.

Taking a walk. Everyone holds on to the rope.

These girls love Bendaroos!

More beading

Where's your tummy?

There it is!

We made quilts

I want Crack-eeerrrrs!
Sleepy head
Baker and Madi LOVE tractors

Forrest LOVES Popsicles!

Baker and Daniel put my flip flops on. Its too funny.

P is for PIG

We made these bags for our Moms for mother's day. I apologize if your child didn't get to make one. We only made them on one day and if your child wasn't here, they didn't get to. It took a lot of work!

Soccer is always a hit!

O for owl

Boys will be boys!

Daniel turned 2!

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