Monday, July 19, 2010

Another day at daycare

Enjoy some more fun photos. Summer is sweeping right past us. My goodness, where is time going???

Kara must've seen this kind of activity before. Talking on the phone and driving. :o) Well at least she's not texting:o)

Baker's aggravated face:o)

Kara not happy about Gage taking her bike:o)

Gage's aggravated face:o)

Isn't this a beautiful little girl??
Playing Playmobile
Mikala making her turtle. She wanted to be the fastest:o)

Baker making his turtle

Kyra making her turtle

Derek making his turtle

Sweet Claire Bear

The next several pictures are of Baker, Kara and Gage at the Ivor ball park. Madi participated in a softball camp and this was the last day. So I went to watch some of the events and along came my 3 stooges:o) They had fun though!

Having a "picnic"
Back at the ball field to watch Madi play a little more
Kara and Gage having a snack

Isn't this just the cutest little construction worker???

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