Sunday, January 31, 2010

We're still here.....

....and I'm still taking pictures. I know I've told you before that I just stay so busy and uploading pics to Blogger takes forever. So again I have tons of pictures to share with you. The kids have been having a good time. For a while now I've wanted to throw out the old toys and purchase new ones. I finally did! We now have new trucks and cars, new dolls, new trains and a (new to us) slide. I think I have told all of the parents that I've been wanting a slide indoors b/c I just knew that the kids would enjoy it so much. Well I came across one at the local consignment shop and purchased it for 5 bUCKS! I think that the kids like this slide more than they like me. They are having the best time on this thing.

Other than having a good time learning to play with one another and share our things, we are still learning our shapes, colors, numbers and alphabet. We are up to the letter D in our little finger print book. I will tell you that it should get interesting to see what the upcoming letter will bring as far as fingerprint pictures. So Mom's please keep up with each page so that you can make the book in the end. It will be something for you to keep forever.

I have added to our bunch. We now have little Forrest coming to stay with us on Tues. and Thurs. He has been a lot of fun. Its almost like he's been here forever. He truly fits right in and I'm so glad.

Enjoy all of these pictures. I will tell you that I have cabin fever. I'm ready for spring. The snow was fun but I'm over it now. We haven't been able to go outside b/c its either been too cold or my yard is a muddy mess from all of the rain. One warmer day we weren't able to play in the yard b/c of it being wet so I took the kids for a walk to the park. That was fun but I'm ready to go out and play EVERYDAY. It will come though and then we'll complain b/c its too hot. So I'm trying to enjoy each day as it is.

Smile while you are looking at the pictures....these kids make the funniest faces and I love to capture them. Sometimes I take the pic just to get that silly face. They are adorable and I love each one of these children so much.

Painting snowmen

Playing together

A walk to the park
Madi took this picture of us walking to the park

More fun playing

Snowman feet

I kept Daniel late one night and he ate dinner with us and I mean he ATE dinner:o)

Forrest comes to stay

"D" Week

They want to go outside

Notice the faces

Mommy didn't think Forrest would nap so well:o) We fooled her.

"D" for Dog!

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  1. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!! It's such a relief to me that he's enjoying it and that I know he's in such good hands!!! :)