Monday, January 11, 2010

Time well spent

Here are some absolutely adorable pictures of the children. They are having a super duper great time playing with the McDonalds play set that has been given to me from a good friend. They are learning to get along and play together better and better each week. Its amazing watching them grow up.
Enjoy these happy faces!!

Daniel with a bucket on his head....a silly boy:o)

Just look at these cute faces!

Everyone taking a "Barney Moment." Its so funny to just watch them stop in their tracks:)
This week is "B" week. Don't forget to keep all of your pages together so that you can make a book with your little one when we're done. It'll be cute!
Fingerprint bumblebees.

When we all get together....the happier we'll be!

Breakfast time

Kyra pretending

Would you like fries with that?

Kyra came to the rescue when Daniel was trying to put his own bib on. It was so sweet!

Handprints everywhere!!

This is Daniels big day....First day on a mat! He did great!

We love the numbers!

Baker's big day.....first day on a mat. He did grrrreattt!
This is a picture of Daniel in the tent....Not sure why its upside down:o)

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