Saturday, September 19, 2009

Enjoying every day together!

The boys playing doll house
Cute girl

CJ was changing her baby. Don't you like her changing table?

Baker was so proud of himself. He got the girl to stay on the 4wheeler
Barney is on....everyone waits patiently for the advertisements to run through so Barney will start singing.

Kara has an awesome imagination. She was making a doghouse for the little dog. She does stuff like this all of the time. One day she was playing dollhouse and she used blocks for people. She talked to them and everything!
Take notice of the feet crossed. Baker is a hoot! O and look at what kind of book he was looking at.

I'm still wondering how I got all of them to sit still for a picture. They cooperated so well...I was amazed!
Everyone is always so content when we go outside. Something about God's beauty....very soothing to us all!

Is this cute or what?

Trying to share the shopping cart...wonder what they are thinking??

The kids LOVE the kitties and that is an understatement

Midnight has a weird look on his face:o)

Barney time....The kids love Barney. When I say Barney....they run to the TV

CJ and Kara playing Play Mobil....they have to do this elsewhere so that the little ones don't choke on the small pieces.
Gage chillin
B for Baker!

We made bunnies....B for Bunny
Daniel was giving CJ a Daniel so swwweeettt

This is the funny face Baker makes when I say cheese
O no! He's eating a man!

Kyra and baby...we can't go anywhere without "baby"
A little runny nose

Trying to be nice and share the dollhouse....sometimes its hard:)

I had some VBS music on...Baker was really enjoying it!
Wonder what he's lookin for???
Just "hangin" out:o)

Um...I think Pooh is upside down, Daniel
"Story time"....they decided this on their own
I wonder who's foot this is???

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