Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm so sorry that its taken me so long to post again. Time for me is very slim right now. Jacob is playing fall baseball and Madelyn is cheering. We are on the go to say the least.

We are having a great time at daycare. The new kids have adjusted quite well and I'm so excited about that. Lately we have been talking about fall. We have gone through the letters A-D and numbers 1-4. We have gone over the shapes circle, square, triangle and oval is this week. Over the summer we didn't do circle time, so the kids have been excited about getting back into that. They participate so well. As you will notice in the pictures, the kids have formed a bond with one another. The really do play well together. We have some fussy times, but overall we are learning to get along.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of your little ones. They certainly are a joy to have all day long!
Kara playing dollhouse
Sweet smile
O no...Daniel is eating a puzzle piece....Wait! We need that piece to complete the puzzle:o)
We made kitty cats.
Learning to paint.
Spreading the yellow all around

Baker is very proud of himself:o)
I think its good!
Practicing our numbers
Kara did it!

We made fall trees out of our hands
A little music and dance time
White donut on Bakers face....too cute!
This was some good sounding music...I tell ya!
I caught this little monkey in action. He can climb a brickwall! :o)

Sweet wittle ting!
Dance time
Daniel is dancing with only one shoe on.
Now with a book on his head:o)
Getting ready to stand up on the truck until I say...sit down, Daniel:o)
Cuttin' a rug...O' wait a minute...someone peed on the rug so thats in the wash. I guess we are cuttin' the floor:o)
All together now

The best dancers in the whole world. Especially to VBS music:o)

Gage was getting into it for sure
Way to go...girls
What are those moves, Kara?
Baker kinda squats when he's cute
That dancing wore Gage out
Time for some reading

Kyra and Baker playing in the window
Gannon and the big red firetruck
"Hey...why are calling my always have that camera"
Funny face
Gage put Madi's cheering skirt around his neck...hilarious!
Its Barney time! They all run to the Tv
We painted with fall colors. They really enjoyed this.
Mix it all together Kyra
O' I love the fall!!

Kara practicing her letters
Kara thougth Gannon needed a snack. So she broke up some of her pretzels. It was really sweet.

Some outdoor time. We have certainly enjoyed this weather. Not too hot and not too cold!

Snotty gotta love 'em

Daniel and Gannon putting the spoons on their head...wait a minute...thats not a brush, silly

Wonder what was happening here?

So close, yet so far away

Trying to work on the bike, I guess:o)
Baker comes over for some assistance

Hope you enjoyed these. God has certainly made some beautiful children. I just love 'em to pieces.

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