Thursday, September 10, 2009



Daniel LOVES the kitties... I mean LOVES them:)

2 sweet faces...Emma and Daniel
Barbie time

It was raining outside:(

Gage trying to get some paint on the plate and not just on himself
Kyra trying to put this big barbie on this little bike...Gotta love it:)

There's nothing like playing in the dirt....everyone loves it

A little ride on a beautiful day

Gage loves the wagon
There she goes...they wanted her to keep pulling them

Gage told Madi "wide, wide"
Gage tried to get everyone to pull him in the wagon..even Kyra
Madi having story time with the kids:)
Cutest wittle face

Aw he's trying to love the baby:)

Kara's favorite things are the cars and trucks

Painting our As....Have I mentioned that everyone loves to paint???

Daniel put this little girl on the truck for a ride...I thought it was funny:o)
Itsy bitsy spider and the teensy weensy ant

The wheels on the bus

I think they were trying to play "babies"

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