Friday, July 17, 2009

This and that

Here are some pics of our days here at daycare. As everyone knows, I enjoy taking pictures so you will often see repeats. I know that you enjoy seeing your little ones. They are just precious and they do the funniest things.

This is a picture of the kids watching out the window as Madelyn feeds the turtle.
Playdough time

Baker asking in his way to go outside. I think he'd live there if he could:o)
Sweet face
Building a friendship

I finally got a picture of Baker on my legs. He will come sit on my feet as soon as I sit down in the chair so that I'll bounce him. Its the funniest thing.

Doing what she loves to do...holding the babies!
Jacob reading a story to Baker
Playing in a bucket. Wouldn't it be nice if these kind of simple things amused us as much as it does them?

Our pool basketball goal became a hit for the little ones. The realized its just their size!

Jacob looks like he's even excited that he made it:o)
Midnight and Spirit getting some attention fromthe girls

Gannon kept trying to put on Madelyn's goggles. It was so cute!

Baker was hiding behind the tree was really cute.

Kyra really wants to be able to ride a bike. She gets on it all the time...those legs just aren't quite long enough. It won't be long though!

Wonder if they are talking about how the post really needs to be painted

Making a "cake"
Baker got this dog out of the dollhouse stuff. He played with it for the longest time

The "cake" is done
Gracie dressed up as a bride
Happy 4th birthday to Logan

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