Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun summer days

I have tons of pictures to share in this post. I've uploaded a few each day because I've been so busy and haven't had the time to sit down and do them all. On Thursday, Gracie came to stay a while so that her dad could go to a meeting. It worked out really good b/c Madison was here and Logan, CJ, and Mikala were not here and those are the girls that she usually plays with. They kept busy all day.

They had a tea party on the porch. Madelyn served juice and rice krispy treats.
Everyone smile

Wonder what Gracie was talking about??

The boys stayed inside and I caught a glimpse of them peeking at the girls
Gracie and Madi playing in the sand

Wonder what Baker was looking at??
Not sure if she could still ride a bike with training wheels:o)
She can...yay!

Madelyn and Hillary horsing around
Trevor got water in his eyes

Hillary having a great time
Baker pointing at something....
and again
this is the sweetest face
o' and pointing again

Madi and Gracie got in

Jacob chillin
Gracie with the hippo
Madi getting ready to do a "trick"
Now she's going to ride the panda

What kinda face is this??
Madelyn lost a tooth
Jacob helping take sand to the sandbox
On Friday we went on a picnic. This is something that we all enjoy doing. Turkey sandwiches, goldfish crackers and wanawope(this is what Mikala calls cantaloupe) was on the menu for the day.

CJ enjoying her sandwich
Mikala with a big bite in her mouth
My sweeties...they have been such a big help this summer
Kyra's turkey falling off:o)
Madi fed Baker piece by piece

Enjoying his wanawope

Having fun on the one slide
I love this picture with the flag in the background

Cutie pie


Afternoon playing in the yard

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  1. aww.the pics are good..thanks for helping us out with Gracie those few days..she had fun:)