Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More is good!

Enjoy this great number of pictures of your beautiful children. They are the sweetest kids and I love them dearly.

We enjoyed decorating starfish with beads...the girls LOVED this project!

Kyra is only 2...she amazes me at how she can do almost everything that the older ones do.

I have said many times before...Jacob loves these kids like they are his siblings. He was cute before he left for camp. He said please tell all the kids that I will see them when I get back in a week:o)

A little flower garden

Friends till the end
This is one of the sweetest girls I know!!
Logan is very photogenic

She stops in her tracks for the camera

Baker loves the kitty

CJ loves looking for bugs....I think she might have one in this bucket

Madison gave CJ several pushes until she finally started peddling on her own. Yay for CJ!! She can ride a bike now!
The found what CJ said was a June Bug:o)

I think Baker wants to swing

Yay she is riding!! and has her teacher right by her side:o)

Painting...they love to paint!

Kyra was playing babies with Hilary and Madelyn....she was very cooperative:o)
These two boys were really into a movie
Second group painting

Swim time....bigger kids got in

Logan swimming with only a noodle

I can't believe this little fella in ONE!

Baker loves to take sticks to the burn pile....see the big smile on his face after he did it.

Baker wants to be able to climb up there soooo bad!

Drying off after that swim

Trevor getting in the fun...helping the little kids out

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