Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its been a while

This post consists of a little of this and a little of that. We've done several holiday crafts along with our everyday shapes, colors, numbers and alphabet learning. The kids have really enjoyed doing these things together. What a blessing these children are. Smile as you are looking at these beautiful faces!
Painting our Gingerbread men. I have a hard time taking pics and doing the crafts with the children. I do try though.

A cookie for snack....well maybe 2:o)

Playing with the Mr. Potato heads....too cute!


I love Kyra's face here:o)

This is what happens when you give them a tent:o)

Time to paint Santa

End result with some of my help

Kara and Claire
Making a ornament

All ready to make reindeer food....fun!

Time to do the traditional cookie baking
gingerbread cookies....yummy

Kara and Gage's mom and dad brought us a monkey pinata....it was surely a hit!

We had to make a trip to town and this is what happened on the way home. I thought it was hilarious!

These two are soooooo LOVEABLE! They love to give me hugs and kisses!

Daniel gave me this precious ornament for Christmas. I just love it!

And this is Gannon Claus:o)

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