Monday, May 18, 2009

Lots of pics

These are just some random pictures. I take lots of photos each day of the children. If I were a parent with my child in daycare, I would want to see all that my child does and experiences. I try really hard to give this to my parents in pictures. I know its not the same as being with them all day but I think it does help. You are more than welcome to "steal" these pics from my blog and keep them for yourself.
Jacob helping Logan with the Lincoln logs. I always say, they are like brother and sister
Baker LOVES the sandbox. He's so content just sitting and digging

This is what he does when its time to go inside...throws a "little" fit. He's def. an outside boy!
I pledge allegiance....
Circling up for circle time
A little singing in dancing
The other day we went to the playground. They love to hear that word!! It was a beautiful day and they certainly enjoyed our time there!! Baker has become a little monkey. He loves climbing the steps to the slide.


ringing the bell

Check out Baker's tongue...not sure what that was all about


I see you....Baker LOVES to see me through the hole
Baker laughed so hard when CJ got on and could really rock this bumble bee. It was so cute

Kyra....I'm FREE!
I See you
Sweet girl

Trying to get a good pic of them all

The whole gang....LOVE 'EM

CJ and Logan love to sit and play Polly Pockets. Maybe soon they will learn how to put the clothes on them...."Mrs. Lisa Can you put deese pants on dis girl?" time begins. CJ was the flag holder but Logan wants to make sure that everyone can see the flag.
Wrong hand LoLo

Circled up learning our days of the week, months, etc. Notice Baker with the binky in.
Still singing and learning
Baker kind of in space
uh o...the binky is still in and the blanky is around his head....he does this when he's getting sleepy.
We are doing the motions to a song...but baker is just staring
Whoops...the head is he actually asleep with all of this noise??
O'my I think he is??
The other children are dancing around him...he's not moving
He pops up to see whats going on
But still really sleepy...and the eyes close once again
The girls are dancing and singing
Baker is out
right in the middle of circle time....

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