Thursday, April 16, 2009

*****Wild Wednesday*****

Today was a "wild" day. Everyone was here and everyone has ALLERGIES. Including me:o) So we had snot from one end of the house to the other and it was raining outside so we were stuck in. There were many loud moments with sleepy babies and hungry children. Lots of laughter too! We "planted" some flowers today. They were made from coffee filters and they turned out really cute. The kids really enjoyed making them. I'm posting some pics of general playtime as well. Hope you smile when you're looking at these adorable faces!

Sweet face


Little Chefs

Team work

Cutie pie

Love this little guy


Kyra showing Gannon how to do it

Madi is the teacher

Beginnings of our craft

step 2

watch and wait

sweet smiles


its raining its pouring......

dream land

step 3


stuffing it all in

CJ making hers

here's our garden


He wants the camera

table upside down=jungle gym


wow...this is fun

who knew a table upside down could be so fun

Kyra having a 'moment'

Kyra loving Gannon

Lining her trucks up


What kind of face is this???gagging? choking? coughing?

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