Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some catching up to do!

Okay so, have I forgotten my daycare blog? NO! We got a new computer and when Travis transferred our files, he put all of my 10, 600 pictures on an external hard drive. Well then that made it difficult for me to locate them and so on and so on. Excuses excuses....right? Anyway, I'm back and have lots of pics to share. I'm not posting all of them as that would just take forever. So enjoy what I'm posting. The kids are growing so fast and learning so much. We are excited about it warming up outside so we can enjoy playtime outdoors.
The kids were so excited when I found Chuggington coloring pages

F Week

Loving dance time

Daniel and Baker having a good time in the hat that Jacob wore for Halloweeen

Valentine fun

I just had to take a picture of Daniel when he woke up on this day. His hair was a MESS! :O)

Puzzle time

Enjoying our Valentines Party

Baker turned 2

Marble painting

Baker and Daniel love to dress up in hats and scarves. They are hilarious!

Forrest showing off his work

A lot of fun with this blue balloon

More hat fun

Hot Wheel painting

This is what their hands look like after cheetos:o)
Best buds

Sponge painting

I think Baker "fell off" his mat:o)

I week

I for inchworm

Finger painting

Gage decided that it would be easier to just use his whole hands:o)


  1. Oh gosh, I know what you mean about the computer! We had to get a new computer several months ago because the hard drive on ours was almost full! All those pictures :)

  2. I love the pictures!!!! I am glad they have so much fun. Daniel and Baker are so cute together. Thanks for providing such a great second home for all of them!!!