Friday, November 13, 2009

When we all get together.....

Ok, so I did not realize how long its been since I've posted and I certainly didn't realize how many pictures I had to post! Wow...It has taken forever to get these pics up. Travis is always laughing at me and saying....every opportunity is a photo opportunity. Thats true with me...I take pics of everything. Maybe I should go get a side job at JC Penney or something??:o)

Enjoy these funny pics!

I think its funny when the kids use the table for a jungle gym....good imaginations, right?
The duck says "quack quack"

I think Daniel thought Gage wanted to eat a little duck??
Pumpkin Carving time! This was a hoot to say the least. We did have a great time!

Daniel took Madi's lunch box and went to the door and said...bye bye:o)
handprint owl
CJ made two cute pumpkins
Messy messy painting! and me trying to take pics and help them paint

Halloween party at Ms. Dayna's

Mrs. Lisa's Daycare...Group pic

Trying to have a photo shoot with 3 stooges:o)

Where's your belly???

Kyra looking for everyone's belly

Daniel eating a cereal bar saying CHEEZZZZZ!
Nothing like this "ride on" toy

Daniel put his face right up to the camera

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